Akaru (medetaiakaru) wrote,

Shintaro in a new drama

Got off a phone with someone, and he told me that Shintaro has landed another role in another drama.

Haven't seen this around LJs so just thought I'd spread the good news. Expect more news about it within the next few days...

EDIT: The name of the drama is 働くゴン! (Hataraku Gon!). It is an SP. Official site

EDIT2: Some press releases were apparently made today that confirmed Shintaro being in the drama. This particular one was one I found. Apparently the news was distributed this morning, but was overlooked by most people because Shintaro wasn't headlining the news.

EDIT3: And Tokyograph is carrying the same story too.

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huwah~ im can hardly wait!!

you're so lucky! thanks for informing us!
Shintaro's on a roll~ good for him. Hope he doesn't get too tired though.
Ah... So that's what this was about!

Hope that certain someone is doing well. And being happy.
Oh, yay. :D♥
Thanks for the clip ne.
Shintaro is going to be a big brother in this drama wowww, first time I think he looks so big haha.
But those brother didn't look alike, I would like to see Shin and Ryo starring together again >_
hey, i'm a stranger here who's looking for a subbed version of juken no kamisama, and i read your entry, but when i clicked on the link, it appears to be broken. where else can i find another subbed version of juken? thanks :) i'm a huge fan of morimotos xD