Akaru (medetaiakaru) wrote,


Oh, what the heck.
Just when you think you have some time, things come up, and bam, so busy everyday ='(

Anyway, I've just gotten off the phone with the now 14 year old birthday boy himself, and I promised him that I'd be there next year for his birthday, since I failed again this year even though he made mine last year xD Sorry bro, complicated circumstances >.<

As for the plan I spoke of a few days ago, I've just setup an email, but I thought of something easier: Just leave your message for the coolest, cutest, most adorable, smartest, most handsome, most awesome, dorkiest, cheekiest, most hardworking, kindest, (insert more superlatives here), and youngest member of JUMP, the legendary Morimoto Ryutaro here as a comment on this post. I'll compile them, print them off, then pass it to him when I go over, together with my personal present. Those that insist on keeping their message content private: shoot them off to my new alternate email address, designated to hold only special occasion messages: 1800ryutaro@gmail.com

Do not go overboard with the length of the messages, keep them short and sweet. Please do not write down ways to contact you on them as they will be removed before I send them.

Tags: ryutaro
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