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Shintaro in a new drama

Got off a phone with someone, and he told me that Shintaro has landed another role in another drama.

Haven't seen this around LJs so just thought I'd spread the good news. Expect more news about it within the next few days...

EDIT: The name of the drama is 働くゴン! (Hataraku Gon!). It is an SP. Official site

EDIT2: Some press releases were apparently made today that confirmed Shintaro being in the drama. This particular one was one I found. Apparently the news was distributed this morning, but was overlooked by most people because Shintaro wasn't headlining the news.

EDIT3: And Tokyograph is carrying the same story too.

Ryu Robbed

Outraged at what happened to Ryu. I probably know who it is, and this isn't the first time. I warned him the last time I will hurt him if he continued doing this. It stopped for awhile but probably he realised that I'm no longer there, and Ryu is alone in his commutes again. Hope he rots in jail.

For Ryu fans: he's alright. I talked with him and he says he's ok and will be more careful.

I'll edit this later, just wanna update Ryu fans that he's fine.

(no subject)

Yes, I know, it's been a little quiet around here.

I've tried to write something for awhile now, but every time I ended up deleting what I wrote. Fanfiction or not, it feels like I'm revealing some personal stuff here and there. Trying to edit them out made the post feel empty... so I deleted the whole thing off.

That being said, I honestly do not feel apart of the fandom anymore. Not that I'm not a JUMP fan anymore or a Ryu fan, but it's like I keep reading other blog posts in my friends list and most of them are really.... ridiculous sounding to me. People seem to think they know alot of their idols when really, what they know is really the tip of the iceberg of what makes the idol a person. Half the blog entries I read make me lol and the other half make me sick of people being so pretentious. That's what I really feel ever since I got back from Japan and really getting to know more of how the system works, and the people themselves. Half the time, it kinda sickens me so much it made me lose the intention to post for the day since I don't want to be potentially giving away information that may turn into sick ideas for the know-it-alls and make-it-ups.

I decided against talking about this for awhile now, but I feel that people who care about what I say need to know why I've not been posting despite how I said I would. Bad time management is one, seeing that I love to stuff myself with a hella workload, but when I do have time, sometimes I just don't feel like writing much after reading my friends page.

I don't even know how to end this entry. lol.


Oh, what the heck.
Just when you think you have some time, things come up, and bam, so busy everyday ='(

Anyway, I've just gotten off the phone with the now 14 year old birthday boy himself, and I promised him that I'd be there next year for his birthday, since I failed again this year even though he made mine last year xD Sorry bro, complicated circumstances >.<

As for the plan I spoke of a few days ago, I've just setup an email, but I thought of something easier: Just leave your message for the coolest, cutest, most adorable, smartest, most handsome, most awesome, dorkiest, cheekiest, most hardworking, kindest, (insert more superlatives here), and youngest member of JUMP, the legendary Morimoto Ryutaro here as a comment on this post. I'll compile them, print them off, then pass it to him when I go over, together with my personal present. Those that insist on keeping their message content private: shoot them off to my new alternate email address, designated to hold only special occasion messages: 1800ryutaro@gmail.com

Do not go overboard with the length of the messages, keep them short and sweet. Please do not write down ways to contact you on them as they will be removed before I send them.


Fanfiction and Rumors

Some time ago, I promised that I would be talking more about my trip to Japan, and my interactions with JUMP, especially Ryutaro.

However, until now, I've not done that - because of numerous reasons that I thought of such as some experiences are best kept as memories, while some might contain information that Ryu and JUMP prefer the outside world to not know. It's different now. I realise that my position is different. No longer do I stalk numerous Japanese blogs to get the latest info on JUMP - in fact I know most of them weeks or even months in advance, just unconfirmed. I do not want to get in trouble, nor do I want to get anyone else in trouble. That's why I've yet to write anything.

Today, however, while discussing about this with my old schoolmate, one of them suggested something brilliant to me.

So, here's the deal. From now on, I'll write "fanfiction" on this journal. They are NOT REAL. Didn't happen. If you get what I mean. It's just my fantasies. They're fanfiction. Remember that.

As for news, I've found a new source that's NOT Ryutaro, and everything this source rumored so far has became true. It's a rumor mill. It might or might not be true. There's no certainty in it. If it happens to come true, then I'm good at predicting, or my source is. My source is a policeman working in Brazil. He's not in Japan, and doesn'thave anything to do with Johnny's or JUMP at all.

OK, so there be it. In the near future I'll write some fanfiction to begin with. If you don't get it... then I can't help you. Just enjoy the stories~

Now then, as for other important things - Someone also asked me through MSN if there will be a send-a-greeting thing to Ryutaro this year. I guess sure. Least I could do to help fellow Ryu fans is to help convey a message. Unfortunately all my @littlix.com emails are having problems now, so I don't have a proper email to use. So get your message ready, or picture, or anything at all. No physical gifts. Hopefully tomorrow or at least the day after I'll have an email setup for receiving these messages to be printed. They will be passed on to Ryu personally, so it WILL be belated when he receives it.

New anime: Se7en Adventures!

Hey!Say!7 gets new anime


Newly split Hey!Say!JUMP's younger 5, Hey!Say!7, has announced a new original anime series starting June 2009. Tentatively titled Se7en's Adventure (Se7en no Daibouken), the anime will be focusing on 5 Japanese who had grown up in 5 different countries get together for a summer camp, then due to a weird occurence, Collapse )


It seems like I forgot how to write journal entries anymore, I kept feeling like posting but when I had Deepest Sender open, I don't know where I should begin. Afterall, the past ~6 months was just... a totally different experience. It's one thing to just type everything I can but another to structure it to posts so it's not too overwhelming, and to make sure I can speak of the experience without making it hard on certain people. In other words, alot of things happened, and it might take me some time since I'll have to write, then go through them over later to make sure I didn't let anything that shouldn't slip by slip in my words.

So while I take my time to collect my thoughts on what I'm typing on the other window (which is an actual post), I thought I'd just post a placeholder to show people I am still alive and well, thank you very much. I'm back where I usually was, on IRC #littlix @ rizon, so if you wanna get to me, feel free to head that way. I'll reply to the comments to my earlier post later today hopefull, but rest assured, I read them all. All I've to say is I'm shocked that even after this long people are still watching this blog and realise I posted something new. Oh well, that's good I guess.

If you've any questions that you want answered specifically, feel free to leave a comment onto this post and I'll get to making sure it's answered one way or another.

b a c k

b a c k

will update after settling down, but it was a wonderful experience in short. except for the bad oversight on l! hosting expiry.

let's see who is still even caring about me being here or not, if you notice I'm back, commenting would be nice :p otherwise, I might not even care enough to update anymore... I guess.

anyway, later