Akaru (medetaiakaru) wrote,

Yes, I know, it's been a little quiet around here.

I've tried to write something for awhile now, but every time I ended up deleting what I wrote. Fanfiction or not, it feels like I'm revealing some personal stuff here and there. Trying to edit them out made the post feel empty... so I deleted the whole thing off.

That being said, I honestly do not feel apart of the fandom anymore. Not that I'm not a JUMP fan anymore or a Ryu fan, but it's like I keep reading other blog posts in my friends list and most of them are really.... ridiculous sounding to me. People seem to think they know alot of their idols when really, what they know is really the tip of the iceberg of what makes the idol a person. Half the blog entries I read make me lol and the other half make me sick of people being so pretentious. That's what I really feel ever since I got back from Japan and really getting to know more of how the system works, and the people themselves. Half the time, it kinda sickens me so much it made me lose the intention to post for the day since I don't want to be potentially giving away information that may turn into sick ideas for the know-it-alls and make-it-ups.

I decided against talking about this for awhile now, but I feel that people who care about what I say need to know why I've not been posting despite how I said I would. Bad time management is one, seeing that I love to stuff myself with a hella workload, but when I do have time, sometimes I just don't feel like writing much after reading my friends page.

I don't even know how to end this entry. lol.
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