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Fanfiction and Rumors

Some time ago, I promised that I would be talking more about my trip to Japan, and my interactions with JUMP, especially Ryutaro.

However, until now, I've not done that - because of numerous reasons that I thought of such as some experiences are best kept as memories, while some might contain information that Ryu and JUMP prefer the outside world to not know. It's different now. I realise that my position is different. No longer do I stalk numerous Japanese blogs to get the latest info on JUMP - in fact I know most of them weeks or even months in advance, just unconfirmed. I do not want to get in trouble, nor do I want to get anyone else in trouble. That's why I've yet to write anything.

Today, however, while discussing about this with my old schoolmate, one of them suggested something brilliant to me.

So, here's the deal. From now on, I'll write "fanfiction" on this journal. They are NOT REAL. Didn't happen. If you get what I mean. It's just my fantasies. They're fanfiction. Remember that.

As for news, I've found a new source that's NOT Ryutaro, and everything this source rumored so far has became true. It's a rumor mill. It might or might not be true. There's no certainty in it. If it happens to come true, then I'm good at predicting, or my source is. My source is a policeman working in Brazil. He's not in Japan, and doesn'thave anything to do with Johnny's or JUMP at all.

OK, so there be it. In the near future I'll write some fanfiction to begin with. If you don't get it... then I can't help you. Just enjoy the stories~

Now then, as for other important things - Someone also asked me through MSN if there will be a send-a-greeting thing to Ryutaro this year. I guess sure. Least I could do to help fellow Ryu fans is to help convey a message. Unfortunately all my @littlix.com emails are having problems now, so I don't have a proper email to use. So get your message ready, or picture, or anything at all. No physical gifts. Hopefully tomorrow or at least the day after I'll have an email setup for receiving these messages to be printed. They will be passed on to Ryu personally, so it WILL be belated when he receives it.
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Nice to see you posting again. For 'real.' ;)
PS - Can you tell Ryu that the foreign fans aren't dangerous and he can stop ignoring us now? ;P (At least he didn't seem terrified like last fall). :P
Okay, you writing fanfics is something I'm REALLY looking forward to. Can't wait. Good luck. :D
Lol, I'll be waiting to read those too XD I think you probably have enough material for a huge novel XDD (I had to write 4 post long rant about my Japan trip because LJ has stupid limitations, and I was there for only 3 weeks! XD)

Oh, and relating to what snowqueenofhoth, please tell Ryutaro 'thank you' for me for stopping next to our seats at one of the SUMMARY shows and wave at us~~ ^.^ He was soooooo cute! Those kids sitting behind us were horrible >>; Pulling onto Ryutaro's clothes and stuff...

I wonder if I should start using MSM again... >>; Haven't been using it at all the time I've been in university now...
Welcome back. I'm looking forward to reading more!
I'd like to read your fanfictions, really (>__<)