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New anime: Se7en Adventures!

Hey!Say!7 gets new anime


Newly split Hey!Say!JUMP's younger 5, Hey!Say!7, has announced a new original anime series starting June 2009. Tentatively titled Se7en's Adventure (Se7en no Daibouken), the anime will be focusing on 5 Japanese who had grown up in 5 different countries get together for a summer camp, then due to a weird occurence, found themselves trapped in an alternate reality world where they have to defeat evil forces by singing different songs from different countries in the world. The five main characters in the story are named and based on characteristics of the current members of Hey!Say!7: Nakajima Yuuto hails from New York, Yamada Ryosuke is from London, while Chinen Yuuri is from Hawaii, Morimoto Ryutaro from France and finally Okamoto Keito from Italy.
Think all the cute characters and the recent concert name MON7CYthe group is associated with was just a coincidence? Well, no. According to the announcement, the monkeys are magical beings in the alternate world that gains powers from listening to songs, helping this group of 5 in their quest to cleanse the evil towards world music harmony.

With the release of the anime, Hey!Say!7 is also simultaneously releasing a World Tour album, featuring worldwide song covers that will be featured in the anime, and a World Tour Concert will be held in 12 different countries where the anime will be broadcasted within the same week as Japan. The concert will take place from May onwards, and more details will be announced this evening in regards of the album and concert.

The anime will be animated by Studio Pierrot, an animation studio famous for producing the anime hits Naruto and Bleach, among others.

More as updates come in...

Press release links: Yomiuri News - Johnny's Net - Studio Pierrot

Updated: A partial track list of the upcoming Hey!Say!7 World Tour album cover songs has emerged. Not sure how real is it:
- Nakajima Yuto - Kids in America (Youtube preview of original)
- Yamada Ryosuke - Sing it for England (Youtube preview of original)
- Okamoto Keito - L'italiano (Youtube preview of original)
- Chinen Yuuri - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Youtube preview of original)
- Morimoto Ryutaro - Le Diner (Youtube preview of original)

Updated 2: Screenshot from the anime:

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